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Ecotourism Australia is delighted to welcome Off-Road Adventures to our growing community, as we congratulate them on their achievement of the Nature Tourism Certification for their range of nine adventure tours. This certification recognises Off-Road Adventures WA’s dedication to creating exciting tourism products in natural areas that leave minimal impacts on our environment.

Off-Road Adventures operates in Albany, a port city in Western Australia filled with waterways, lush beaches, and historical rugged coastline known for its tourism, natural environment, and preservation of heritage. Surrounded by spectacular coastline and turquoise seas, Off-Road Adventures WA is in the perfect environment to offer luxury off road adventures through which adventurers can take in the magnificent mountain ranges, towering ancient forests, rolling deserts, stunning wildflowers, and whale migrations. 

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If you have ever been deterred from going on a 4WD adventure for fear of getting stuck in a bog or getting lost in an unknown forest, fear no more on the Pemberton 4WD Tag-Along Adventure where you will spend 2 nights and 3 days in a bush camp experience like no other.  Guided by the capable and knowledgeable Off-Road Adventures WA hosts, this tour offers the perfect balance of exploring and learning with time to stop, relax and get those perfect insta snaps with the most stunning of views along beaches, river crossings and scenic forest drives. Perfect for friends, families and couples, this tour is an excellent introduction to four wheel driving, scaling the largest inland dune system in the Southern Hemisphere.

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For all our fishing and beach camping aficionados, Off Road Adventures WA offers the Bremer Bay to Fitzgerald National Park 2-night, 3-day tour.  This fun-filled trip treks along remote beaches and botanical wonderlands full of breathtaking views.  Take a break from your phone as you explore, fish, enjoy views and relax in the tour’s refreshing no rush schedule.  Adventurers will have the opportunity to explore sealed roads in one of the biggest and most botanically important national parks in Australia, assuring you some spectacular, once in a lifetime sights. 

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Having spent much time exploring Western Australia, Rick and Liz Muller, the owners and guides of Off-Road Adventures WA can not only share their magical spots but also their invaluable knowledge and understanding of the history and nature in the area.  They are also are conscious of using expert contacts to gain information on special heritage or significant aboriginal sites to ensure adventurers have the most complete experience possible whilst also respecting the areas and traditional owners of lands explored. 

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Off-Road Adventures WA are very conscious of the potential impact of 4-wheel drives and for this reason ensure that cars are only driven on designated tracks to cause minimal damage on eco-systems.   Another element that we may never even consider, is the importance of proper tire pressure to reduce damage to the land.  Off-Road Adventures WA also pride themselves in minimal impact-camping which includes elements such as choosing campsites and parking at least 100m from rivers or lakes and staying for short amounts of time especially when it comes to otherwise undisturbed sites.  

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As we can see, Off-Road Adventures WA have all the elements necessary for an exciting, ecologically conscious adventure in the wilderness of Albany and we welcome them with open arms to the Ecotourism Australia family!

To find out more about Off Road Adventures WA, visit their website or Facebook page. 

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