Mungalla Aboriginal Tours awarded Nature Tourism and Respecting Our Culture certification

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On lands occupied by the Nywaigi Aboriginal people for more than 45,000 years, Mungalla Aboriginal Tours shares the history of the area around Ingham, Tropical North Queensland from pre-contact days through to the recent return of the land to the traditional owners. Tours showcase Mungalla Station’s mixed Aboriginal, South Sea Islander and European heritage, providing modern insights into Indigenous culture through powerful, tragic and inspiring stories.

We are thrilled to congratulate Mungalla Aboriginal Tours on receiving both Nature Tourism and Respecting Our Culture (ROC) certification!

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Mungalla Aboriginal Tours’ focus on cultural and environmental education truly sets the tourism enterprise apart. As Traditional Owners, Mungalla guides share stories in which culture is closely tied to the area’s natural history and beauty.

Mungalla Station is an Indigenous Protected Area that covers important wetland areas adjacent to the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef lagoon and Mungalla Aboriginal Tours is committed to ensuring that business activities have no long-term negative environmental or cultural impacts.

The tourism enterprise exposes guests to local environmental projects and the importance of conservation and land management - from the effects of climate change and the impacts farming methods can have on the Great Barrier Reef, to revegetating habitat for the critically endangered mahogany glider. They have even set up areas to educate guests on bush tucker, medicine and the cultural and environmental value of vegetation.


The company partners with numerous groups on environmental projects, including conducting beach clean ups with the Girringun Rangers; helping to restore wetland and monitor the quality of water runoff to the Great Barrier Reef lagoon with the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities; and hosting numerous Conservation Volunteers Australia Green Army revegetation projects.

Mungalla Aboriginal Tours runs educational tours for schools and student groups, as well as art workshop outings for local Indigenous elders in conjunction with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health Service. They sell authentic Aboriginal art in their own gift shop where visitors can personally meet the artists.

By taking visitors on an authentic cultural journey, Mungalla Aboriginal Tours raise not only local and regional knowledge, but also international awareness of the struggle of Indigenous Australians past and present.  

Learn more about Mungalla Aboriginal Tours.

Images courtesy of Mungalla Aboriginal Tours.

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