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Looking to experience the stunning Yarra River in style? Our newest certified members may be your answer to a Yarra River cruise to remember. Congratulations to Melbourne Boat Hire, the latest addition to the Ecotourism Australia family, who we are proud to announce have recently achieved Nature Tourism Certification. Offering a range of cruises to cater to every celebration, booking an experience with Melbourne Boat Hire is not only a beautiful way to take in the stunning Yarra River, but invites guests to glide through Melbourne’s city centre for views of its iconic skyline that cannot be achieved on the riverbanks.

Melbourne Boat Hire allow guests to have as much or as little control over their Yarra River cruise experience as they choose. Whether you are looking for a tour of Melbourne’s famous landmarks, or a private celebration with family and friends, you can be sure that each Melbourne Boat Hire cruise promises luxury with an ECO frame of mind. 

Small boat sailing through the still river with tall silver skyscrapers in front

Our latest member’s fleet of electric-powered boats make these river cruises stand out amongst the rest. Without the fumes of petrol or diesel-powered motors, their fleet make waves by eliminating the pungent smell of fuel and the potential for oil spillage into Melbourne’s waterways. Electric motors also make for quiet cruising, reducing noise pollution for people and marine life, while having a lower greenhouse gas contribution over their lifetime compared to petrol or diesel engines. Melbourne Boat Hire knows how to keep the environment in mind, providing a green alternative for cruisers to celebrate events knowing they are reducing their environmental impact on the Yarra River.

There are a range of ways you can enjoy an eco-friendly cruise for seasoned sailors and those new to driving boats. Booking their Self Drive Boat Hire lets you see the sights of the iconic Yarra River with most vessels needing no license required, granting a unique perspective of Melbourne that’s accessible for all. With the chance to sail up to four hours with as many as 12 of your closest family and friends, Melbourne Boat Hire give you the option to order one of their delicious food and beverage packages available, or simply bring a picnic lunch of your own.

Couple cheersing sparkling wine glasses with cheese platter in boat

Why not try a Private Cruise? With a skipper behind the wheel that lets you sit back, relax, and enjoy Melbourne’s iconic sights, Private Cruises allow you to design your very own itinerary and scheduled stops along the way. If you just want to relax and see where a Yarra River journey takes you, leave the planning to Melbourne Boat Hire – they will create an itinerary of must-see sights for a cruise to remember. Spending a couple of hours or a full day exploring Melbourne from the comfort of a private cruise is the best way for visitors to get to know Melbourne, or for Melbournites to appreciate their city in a whole new light.

For celebrations for a crowd, Private Charters boast a 35 passenger capacity for any corporate, luxury, or casual event that is sure to leave an impression. With catering options tailored to your needs and maximum support from the Melbourne Boat Hire in making sure your celebration is just right, cruisers know they are in good hands in the large, luxury vessel Birrarung.

Melbourne Boat Hire VIC birrarung rainbow

For those personal milestones, romantic getaways, or corporate celebrations, Melbourne Boat Hire is dedicated to elevating the moments to celebrate through showcasing the natural beauty of the Yarra River and catering to your celebration needs. Congratulations again to our newest member whose Nature Tourism Certification represents their dedication to ecotourism on the Yarra River. 


All photo credits: Melbourne Boat Hire 

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