MEDIA RELEASE: Ecotourism in Australia delivers over 14,000 direct jobs and $1.6 billion annual revenue

Posted by Lina Cronin on 28 August 2019 | Comments

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Australia’s ecotourism industry directly employs over 14,000 people and contributes a combined annual revenue of $1.6 billion, according to findings of an Ecotourism Australia membership analysis this week.

These figures, drawn from Ecotourism Australia’s 500 high standard tour operator members, translate to a 54% increase in jobs and a 14% increase in annual revenue in the past two years.
“Ninety-six per cent of our members operate in rural and regional Australia, so these numbers clearly demonstrate the positive impact ecotourism businesses are having in regions, said Ecotourism Australia CEO, Rod Hillman.
"These are real jobs that encourage people to stay in our regions, invest in regions and build our communities.”
On a state basis Queensland remains a strong leader, with ongoing good growth in revenue and job creation, and Tasmania, New South Wales and South Australia also showing solid growth.
“The growth in jobs over the past two years is truly remarkable, with states like South Australia doubling its job numbers,” says Rod Hillman. “All states have increased their employment by between 20% and 100%.”
Other findings from the analysis include:

  • Victoria and the Northern Territory have slipped slightly in annual revenue but have made improvements in job creation – Victoria by 80% and the Northern Territory by 19%
  • Tasmania has shown a dramatic 40% growth in revenue and an 18% increase in employment
  • Western Australia had an 11% increase in revenue with a strong employment increase of 40%
  • New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory had steady revenue growth of 23% and the same growth in employment
  • Queensland had solid employment growth of 64% with annual revenue growing by 18%
  • South Australia has doubled its employment and grown its annual revenue by 18%

In summary, Rod Hillman notes, “ecotourism is an important contributor to sustainable and thriving regional communities. Ecotourism businesses create and maintain sustainable employment and bring – and keep – revenue in regions.”




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