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After a merger of the Augusta River Association and Geographe Bay Tourism Association, Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association (MRBTA) was established in 2015. From this merger, MRBTA can brag of having over 50 years of experience in destination marketing, customer service and natural and heritage asset management.

As a local tourism organisation, MRBTA endeavours to attract visitors to the Margaret River Region. They are currently running six tourist attractions across the region. Their attractions offer visitors to immerse themselves in an unforgettable natural experience both below and above the ground.

Lake Cave website 

Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association (Lake Cave)

Below the ground visitors can experience caves with different natural features. Cave tours vary depending on the level of access. Where some caves are offering from universal access where visitors can cruise around in their own pace, to adventure tours through the furthest reaches of the cave system.

Cape Naturaliste Website 

Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association (Cape Naturaliste)

Visitors that are looking for experiences above the ground have two magnificent lighthouses to visit. During daytime, visitors can go inside and up to the top of both lighthouses, where they will find spectacular views across beautiful landscapes. The climb at Cape Naturaliste is slight easier, whereas the climb at Cape Leeuwin is the tallest lighthouse on the mainland Australia. Both lighthouses offering visitors insight in Australian maritime history and stories of the lives of the lighthouse keepers.

Cape Leeuvin Lighthouse Website. 2 

Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association (Cape Leeuwin)

As an Advanced ECO certified member, MRBTA put great emphasis on investing in the conservation of the local cultural and environmental values. One example of this can be seen in that rainwater is collected and reused at all sites. Another example is when MRBTA strongly encourage their staff and visitors to re-use, recycle and reduce waste, and they are buying locally produced products to an as far extent as possible. To reduce visitor impact of natural areas, visitors are directed to boardwalks and designated walk tracks across all sites. MRBTA emphasis on community involvement can be seen in providing tree planting excursions with local schools and free access to one cave for year four classes within the region each year.

We are happy to welcome Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association as a member and would once again like to congratulate them on their achievement.

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