Making Cents - Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Strategy webinar

Posted by on 5 May 2016 | Comments

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With the Queensland Small Business Week 2016 coming up (16-21 May) we would like to alert you that EA's Business member Conversio will be hosting a FREE webinar on the 18th at 12:00 about how to gain a full understanding of your business's carbon and energy performance, and to reveal potential 'hot spots' and opportunities. This will be done by examining the relationship between carbon emissions, energy consumption and other business metrics. 

Conversio is a carbon management consultant, who aims to find and implement cost-effective carbon solutions for businesses. There are several benefits that these services can help bring about, such as increased efficiency, lower costs and an enhanced reputation.  

To register for the webinar send an email to: or call: 0432 080 251. There are no costs involved in participation, so Making Cents will be 45 minutes well spent. 



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