Kids and koalas to benefit from Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary’s latest conservation efforts!

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 On 8th August, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary launched a new Kids on Conservation Trail, designed to educate kids about some of Australia’s endangered wildlife. This interactive experience aims to enhance young visitors’ knowledge of bilbies, brush-tailed rock wallabies, the Kroombit tinker frog and other species while exposing them to the Sanctuary’s conservation programs.

The trail does this through a fun stamp collection activity, in which kids collect stamps from over 12 locations. In each place, they are given the chance to learn a little about an endangered animal or about one of the Sanctuary’s conservation programs.

As the Kids on Conservation Trail welcomes its first visitors, the Sanctuary has also announced its aims to establish 15,000 gum trees and a purpose-built koala gum shed for the comfort of its furry patients. Tall eucalypt forests and low eucalypt woodland are koalas’ natural habitat and it takes more than 1000 gumtrees to feed just one koala for one year!

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Initiatives like this will help hospitals and sanctuaries in their efforts to protect the wild koalas.  The Sanctuary will also be introducing the “Tree to Me” program where members and businesses are encouraged to donate towards planting more gum trees.

Boasting over 27 hectares of beautiful landscape in the Gold Coast, Queensland, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary has one of the largest collections of animals native to Australia and a great ongoing commitment to conservation. It. As a tourism operator, it excels in providing fun and educational experiences to all of its guests through fascinating wildlife shows, displays and adventure tours.

The Kids on Conservation Trail is an excellent example of how to create a fun and interactive experience that guarantees young visitors leave the Sanctuary with a better idea of Australia’s wildlife as well as the Sanctuary’s efforts in conserving it.

Learn more about the Kids on Conservation Trail and the Sanctuary’s work with Koalas.


Image courtesy of Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

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