Keeping the Whitsundays a safe haven: Whitehaven Adventures now Advanced Ecotourism certified

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Overnight sailing tour Whitehaven Adventures has achieved our highest ECO certification - Advanced Ecotourism - for their commitment to nature conservation and interpretation in the Whitsunday Islands.

With plenty of deck space in sun and shade, the 17.5 metre “beach Boat” SV Whitehaven makes the perfect safari boat, but is also an ideal way to learn about the incredible ecosystems and current conservation issues in the Whitsundays. SV Whitehaven is an award winning vessel, well known in the Whitsunday Islands having previously sailed with Advanced Ecotourism and Climate Action Business certified operator, Tall Ship Adventures.

Whitehaven Adventures’ knowledgeable and passionate crew share information about the reef, rainforest and wildlife as you explore inshore fringing reefs and the islands and beaches of Whitsunday Islands National Park (including the breathtaking Whitehaven Beach) – by sailboat, foot, snorkel fins or kayak.

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The perfect safari boat: SV Whitehaven boat layout.

Located in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Whitsunday Islands National Park is home to sensitive coral reefs, important migratory sea bird nesting sites, sacred Aboriginal sites, mangrove nurseries and coral and fish protected habitat and spawning regions.

Whitehaven Adventures’ tours focus on environmental interpretation, aiming to educate tourists travelling to the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsunday Islands about their surroundings and ways to minimise their impacts whilst visiting the region (and even back at home!).

From the life cycle of a coral reef and the conditions needed for successful turtle breeding to the cultural significance of the Whitsundays for the Indigenous Ngaro peoples, guests learn about local ecosystems and species, as well as the direct and indirect human impacts currently affecting the Great Barrier Reef. These include the causes and consequences of climate change, increased boating and tourism activity, over-fishing, runoff from land, sedimentation and crown-of-thorns starfish outbreaks.

whitehaven fb turtler pic

Learn about local marine species: SV Whitehaven Official Facebook Page

Whitehaven Adventures aims to ensure that there are no long-term environmental or cultural impacts form their tourism operation, whilst contributing to conservation of Whitsunday Islands National Park. They have implemented several environmental initiatives, including active recycling, sourcing only local goods and service providers, using solar power where possible and purchasing carbon credits to partially offset emissions.

With the help of guests, Whitehaven Adventures report sightings of the potentially harmful crown-of-thorns starfish and other important reef information through Eye on the Reef, a monitoring and assessment program run by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority that enables all visitors to contribute to the reef’s long-term protection.

If you have a keen sense of adventure, enjoy exploring and are intrigued by new knowledge, Whitehaven Adventures could offer the perfect safari tour for you!

Jump aboard or learn more about Whitehaven Adventures.

Photo Credit: SV Whitehaven Official Facebook Page


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