Kangaroo Island Ocean Safari is Ecotourism certified!

Posted by Kristi Foster on 29 July 2016 | Comments

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Congratulations to Kangaroo Island Ocean Safari for achieving Ecotourism certification!

With a name like Kangaroo Island Ocean Safari, it comes as no surprise that this South Australia operator delivers spectacular wildlife experiences. Departing daily from Christmas Cove Marina in Penneshaw, Kangaroo Island, the safari treats guests to beautiful scenic coastlines while viewing dolphins, seals, eagles and an abundance of birdlife. Achieving Ecotourism certification demonstrates that their tours also focus on optimal resource use, conservation practices and helping local communities.

Kangaroo Island Ocean Safari helps create a sustainable and safe environment for wildlife while striving to reduce waste, prevent pollution and conserve resources such as water and energy. For example, they use low revs on motors to reduce emissions and choose local suppliers whenever possible to reduce emissions from mainland freight carriers.

Kangaroo Island Ocean Safari educates all on board about the importance of preserving Kangaroo Island's pristine coast to ensure a safe environment for the marine animals that inhabit it. As guests view dolphins, long nosed seals, endangered white bellied sea eagles, osprey, wedge tailed eagles and more, they learn about the fragility of many species and their habitats. Informative and educational tours can influence appreciation for marine mammals and even impact passengers' environmental decisions in the future.

The company assists National Parks by providing information on the endangered white bellied sea eagle and delivers data on long nosed seal numbers to the Department of Water and Natural Resources to help determine the impacts increasing seal numbers have had on the environment and other marine animals. They also regularly donate safari vouchers to local businesses and schools, assisting with fundraising events.

We are excited to recognise Kangaroo Island Ocean Safari's commitments to sustainable practices through Ecotourism certification!

Learn more about Kangaroo Island Ocean Safari on their website:

Image courtesy of Kangaroo Island Ocean Safari.

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