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VIDA Landscape Architects and Planners’ tagline is “designing for life” - and that’s exactly what this business is built upon. At the core of the company’s values is a recognition that land is a finite, non-renewable resource that needs to be developed with long-term goals in mind, not just short-sighted returns. That’s why VIDA visions, master plans and designs spaces that connect communities and nature – because, as they say, we can do this better.

Run by partners Matthew Flynn and Ana Maria Pinto, whose experiences run as deep as designing private islands and a private palace in Dubai, an ecolodge in China and resorts in Mexico, VIDA Landscapes is built upon the ideals of creating sustainable land-use solutions that balance creativity, sustainability and profitability – all given equal value, and none existing without the other.

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For each job, the VIDA team spends time on the ground, on location – learning about the history, orientation, vegetation, natural materials and landforms of the site. They then incorporate both innovative technologies and timeless construction methods into their designs, working in close collaboration with their clients to ensure that what is created is unique and perfectly suited to the brief.

For more information about VIDA Landscape Architects and Planners, visit their website or Facebook page, or follow them on Instagram.

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[Photos from VIDA Landscape Arcitects and Planners website, Facebook and blog]


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