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Ecotourism Australia has successfully completed over 80 audits, of our certified operators, since the launch of our audit partnership with Conservation Volunteers Australia. We’re excited to announce that more certification audits are being scheduled for the final half of the year! It is anticipated that New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australian operators will have their audits completed between September and December 2015.

Audits are not just a necessary process to ensure standards are met, but are also very much an operation enhancing process with an ideal opportunity to meet with an experienced and knowledgeable industry professional. It’s a great chance to ask any questions, present any concerns and receive valuable advice, recommendations and feedback.  In addition, this is a chance to share and showcase your organisational and operational successes with Ecotourism Australia and the rest of the ecotourism community.

Conservation Volunteers manages the audit process with a dedicated and experienced group of Auditors.  The Auditors all have a wealth of hands-on, practical tourism experience, formal auditing qualifications and detailed knowledge of the Certification programs and systems.

The Auditors are positive and enthusiastic professionals that enjoy and believe in assisting tourism operators in maintaining sustainable travel standards. There’s no better time to ask questions, seek advice on best practice initiatives and to show off what makes your business so special!

We look forward to hearing about our certified operators’ successes and dedication to sustainable and eco-friendly initiatives. In the meantime, get to know your auditor by reading their bios here. They, like Ecotourism Australia, are looking forward to seeing the great things you all are doing and the experiences you are providing to your guests!!


For Operators: What happens if I can’t make my audit?

Ecotourism Australia’s auditors will aim to schedule your audit at a time that is convenient to you.  However, if all convenient times are exhausted and the auditor has to make a special trip to audit your products, an additional charge may be applicable.

If for any reason you are unable to make your audit you must advise your auditor as soon as possible to see if an alternative date or time can be arranged.  If you are unable to reschedule with the auditor, an additional charge may be applicable in order for them to revisit your region.

Please note your Auditor may be travelling from outside your region or state and will have limited flexibility to change an audit date or time once they have commenced the region’s audit program.   

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