GOE Australia join Ecotourism Australia's Business Membership

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Ecotourism Australia welcomes GOE Australia to our Business Membership.

GOE Australia manufacture a range of environmentally friendly cleaning and odour removal products, with distributors in Australia, Brunei, China, Indonesia, Macedonia, Malaysia, Thailand and Turkey. The organization, established in 1992, is Australian owned operating from Perth, WA. Their vision is to offer the world a greener and more environmentally friendly cleaning solution. "We strongly believe in coexistence with the natural world and continue to prove that cleaning doesn't need to put our precious environment at risk." 

The company has 4 product lines, ranging from cleaning supplies for industrial use and marine cleaning to everyday cleaning and odour removal. Utilising enzyme technology, all products are non toxic, non-hazardous, bio-degradable and totally safe for the end user and the environment. 

Operating in a modern facility, GOE Australia's manufacturing process is in line with their environmental policy, focusing on minimum waste creation, recycling and proper disposal. Furthermore, GOE Australia is carbon neutral and are currently working on becoming energy efficient. We're excited to have them in our Business Membership and support them as a supplier of environmentally sustainable cleaning products.

Find out more about GOE Australia cleaning products here.

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