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When Zane first joined the Park Trek Walking Holidays team as a guide in September 2018, it was easy to see that he would quickly become an outstanding advocate for the business, and for everything that ecotourism promotes.

A passionate individual who grew up in the north east of Tasmania, Zane is the youngest person to have climbed the Abels (158 highest mountains in Tasmania) and to do so in a record time frame. He started working as a Tasmanian bushwalking guide at the age of 19, and today loves to pass on his values to Park Trek’s guests to provide them with unforgettable holiday experiences.

“Zane takes Park Trek groups through the Tarkine, Bay of Fires [and] Three Capes areas. He’s an amazing tour guide who generously shares his knowledge and insights with guests, encouraging them to think and care about the environment and our effects [on it] as much as he does,” describes Park Trek’s owner/operator, Ingrid Hauitema.

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Having grown up in a family passionate about bushwalking, the environment and fostering curiosity, it is no surprise that caring for the environment is in Zane’s blood. Ingrid describes the way he motivates his guests as being built around storytelling, knowledge sharing and subtly encouraging guests to adjust their behaviour.

And it seems to be working: one guest recently said that they “want to move to Tasmania and become a vegan just like Zane!” and TripAdvisor reviewers have praised his passion, enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and genuine nature. One guest even noted that Zane could “identify birds by their song!”

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Whether it’s his on-the-job skills and knowledge, contagious enthusiasm for nature or other strengths (Zane loves to cook and guests have sung praises about his porridge, “terrific meals” using local Tasmanian produce and even his cheese jokes), it is people like Zane – who encourage travellers every day to admire and protect the natural environment – that we like to call Everyday Ecotourism Heroes.

Thank you, Zane, for all you do and thank you, Ingrid for your nomination!

For more information about Park Trek and their Advanced Ecotourism Certified walking holidays around Australia, visit their website or Facebook page.

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