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When talking about everyday ecotourism heroes, it’s hard to go past someone like Dr Ronda Green. Owner/operator of Advanced Ecotourism Certified, Green Travel Leader, Araucaria Ecotours and Chair of Wildlife Tourism Australia, Ronda has been living and breathing ecotourism longer than many people have even been using the word.

Concerned about people’s lack of interest in wildlife since she was a teenager, Ronda says that when she was younger, she was amazed at how many people, even children, seemed bored with life while living “in such a fascinating world.”

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Her fascination with nature took her on a career journey that started with teaching horsemanship and leading trail rides at a holiday farm in the Adelaide Hills in the 1960s to being invited to speak on the effects of climate change on wildlife tourism at the United Nations World Tourism Organisation’s Regional Seminar in Fiji in June 2018.

In between, Ronda attained a PhD in Zoology, taught primary-aged children at the Australian Conservation Foundation, worked as a seasonal ranger, started her own company (Araucaria Ecotours), was a founding member of Wildlife Tourism Australia (which she now chairs), organised national and international conferences and workshops and authored numerous studies and publications on wildlife tourism.

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As if that’s not a long enough list, Ronda also lectures on ecology and wildlife tourism and continues to inspire future generations through her work at Wildlife Tourism Australia, including by participating in the Australian Citizen Science Association Display at the World Science Fair in Brisbane in March 2019.

Angus Robinson, Managing Partner of Ecotourism Certified Leisure Solutions®, has worked with Ronda for nine years and describes her as an enthusiastic environmental interpreter.

“As Chair of Wildlife Tourism Australia, Dr Green is the author of the supplied interpretative content on flora and fauna for our Scenic Rim Country Charm Discovery Tour, said Angus.

“[She] is highly regarded in her local community and motivates her colleagues through sheer leadership and enthusiasm.”

We are proud to have had Ronda Green as part of the Ecotourism Australia community for the past 19 years and continue to be inspired by her passion, leadership and dedication to our sector.

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For more information about Araucaria Ecotours, visit their website or Facebook page.

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Thanks to Angus Robinson for nominating Ronda Green to be a part of our Everyday Ecotourism Heroes article series!

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