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Alex is the real deal.

That’s how Sara Castillo describes her colleague Alex Crowe, Outdoor Areas and Conservation Manager at Ecotourism and Climate Action Business Certified Broger’s End in the Kangaroo Valley.

A farm set on 160 acres of varying landscape, Broger’s End is a peaceful haven offering “eco-eclectic” accommodation for families and couples in lovingly restored old sheds, transformed using reclaimed and recycled materials and featuring veggie gardens, a pizza oven, wildlife, bush tracks and even an espresso machine. 

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“Alex is absolutely dedicated to making Broger’s End a haven for nature,” describes Sara.

“He walks the walk, as they say. His drive and passion for conservation, permaculture, native plants and treading lightly on this planet are palpable and very inspiring.

Alex also volunteers his time and enjoys helping others who are learning the ropes:

“He guides other volunteers with grace and passion and is inclusive, upbeat and excited by the smallest things, such as propagating a rare indigenous food plant, Sara notes.

He [also] wants to educate the guests that stay with us by showing them what can be done and how to do it.”

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Though the number of projects that Alex has instigated on the farm are too many to list, one recent success has been the rehabilitation of some very degraded farmland. After designing a conservation corridor for native animals to connect the forest back to the river, Alex applied for grants and won some money to help bring conservation volunteers to the farm for a week-long planting session of carefully planned and sought-after natives for that particular area. These plants are now growing well, under the watchful eye of Alex and another conservation gardener, and are intended to one day link to a native food forest for guests.

“Alex has had an incredible impact on the environment and the community through the conservation work he has done on the property, Sara says.

“His own hard work and getting his hands dirty every day is inspirational and educational.”

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Guests clearly appreciate Alex’ expertise too, with many of them commenting that Alex’ permaculture garden is one of the things they love best about their stay.

“His vision is powerful and he brings everyone along on the journey, notes Sara.

“His infectious smile and energy make him a loveable character.”

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For more information on Broger’s End, visit their website or Facebook page.

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[All photos supplied by Broger's End]

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