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Congratulations to Elysian Retreat for achieving ECO Certification at the Advanced Ecotourism level and Climate Action Business Certification for its luxury eco-retreat. These certifications recognise Elysian Retreat’s commitment and dedication to sustainable practices and climate change action.

Located in the turquoise waters of the Whitsundays, this family-owned retreat offers all-inclusive luxurious sustainable accommodation. The exclusively tailored experiences and secluded location in Long Island are ideal for those with busy lifestyles looking for a bit of calm and serenity. The all-inclusive package allows guests to taste a custom menu of specially catered and sustainably sourced local cuisine. To top it off, a personalised organic spa and a range of aquatic adventures for every individual are also available.

Whitsundays aerial

Whitsundays aerial - Photo credit Elysian Retreat

For those longing for privacy, the adult-only retreat has a maximum of 20 guests at a time policy and can also be hired on a sole-occupancy basis in the event you do not want to share this reef paradise.

Drift away in outdoor hammocks, find stillness in the zen garden, laze on the day beds or float in the gentle mineral resort pool.

The sustainability journey for Elysian Retreat starts right from the beginning at their supply chain. As part of the Elysian Sustainable Purchasing Policy, they carefully choose many of their suppliers based on their ethos and commitment to sustainability.

Villas aerial

Villas aerial - Photo credit Elysian Retreat

Following in the footsteps of their sister retreat Pumpkin Island, one of EA’s certified members and Australia’s first beyond carbon neutral island, Elysian Retreat is the Great Barrier Reef’s first resort to be 100 per cent powered by the sun's energy. Thus offsetting 150% of their emissions and becoming carbon negative.

Ocean front villa

Ocean front villa - Photo credit Elysian Retreat

All the water on the island is filtered rainwater and different systems throughout the facilities ensure that as much water as possible is conserved. A modern wastewater treatment system allows for all the water to be reused. Other special environmental measures incorporated into their daily operations include a kitchen garden, minimised waste production through composting practices, biodegradable cleaning products, and minimising the use of plastic.

The environment is a key focus for Elysian Retreat who collaborates to rehabilitate damaged coral from the Great Barrier Reef. They have adopted a coral through the Reef Restoration Foundation’s Coral Crusaders program, which will enable for other damaged corals to regenerate. This recently created program has seen great success in coral growth planting new coral colonies on damaged reef.

Congratulations once again to Elysian Retreat for achieving Advanced Ecotourism Certification and Climate Action Business Certification for their island secluded eco-retreat, and welcome to the Ecotourism Australia family!

To find out more about Elysian Retreat, visit their website or Facebook page.

[Banner image supplied by Elysian Retreat]


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