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Whether you’re a homeowner, developer, designer or builder, EcoHouz takes the stress out of designing and developing eco-friendly homes. Helping to lead the sustainable living revolution by striving to inspire people to purchase responsibly and providing clients with the information, tools and services needed to live more sustainably, EcoHouz can help you whether your location is urban, rural or off-the-grid.


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Carefully considering every aspect of design, components and fabrications, EcoHouz’s innovative team facilitates a large range of eco-products and services that can reduce environmental impact while still maintaining a high quality of living for their clients without compromising on life’s little luxuries.

Additionally, if desired, EcoHouz will oversee each and every project from start to finish, managing everything from consultations and project management to searches, negotiations and selection processes. This ensures that every step of the manufacturing and construction processes is done in the most environmentally friendly way possible and that sustainable solutions are being kept at the heart of all project designs, planning and construction.

"Ecohouz is a switched-on community of sustainable solutions providers, helping to create smart houses of the future. By educating customers about the tools and services they need to become more sustainable, we believe families will purchase more responsibly, knowing their decisions are helping reduce the impact on the environment and sustaining the planet for further generations," says EcoHouz's Director of Eco-Performance, Andrew Blake.

So, not only do clients get to rest assured knowing their EcoHouz will be an amazing space to live, work and flourish in (sustainably!), they also get to feel good about their decision to purchase more responsibly – as it will be helping to protect our planet, children and future generations to come. 

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We’re happy to introduce EcoHouz to the Ecotourism Australia community as our newest Business Member!

For more information on EcoHouz, check out their website.

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