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Congratulations to Dakini Hideaways for being awarded Ecotourism certification for their product, Bill’s Boathouse II.

Dakini Hideaways offers a unique accommodation experience, nestled 12 inches off the water. It’s the perfect getaway, a nurturing experience in nature within the comfort of your own space.

Lacking nothing in amenity, innovatively designed and sustainably planned, Bills Boathouse II is designed to ensure an authentic and eco-friendly experience where guests become totally absorbed.  

2. Dakini Hideaways

A bright, warm, healthy and happy environment, utilising only ecologically friendly products and construction materials, displays consideration for the natural world, which helps guests feel connected and a part of the ecosystem around them.  With a high emphasis on community involvement, Dakini Hideaways endeavours to create a community of likeminded souls committed to walking lighter and sharing their experiences.

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Staying at Bill’s Boathouse is an immersive experience, whereby all aspects of a guest’s stay have been carefully thought out: it is an ideal retreat for couples to reconnect, love, laugh, contribute to the abundant nature, feeling the wind, swaying with the water and rising with the sun.

Bills2 ET

As a visitor, Bill’s is the perfect place to find energy, clarity and a direct connection with nature, it’s an ideal space for relaxation, special occasions or creative work. An early morning kayak, fishing from the deck or the comfort of the lounge-room, wildlife spotting from the hammock or watching the colours of the river change as the light gets long, a glass of red from the outdoor hot-tub, Bills Boathouse has something for everyone – instantly connected and transported to a world of freedom and fun.

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For more information about Dakini Hideaways, visit their website or Facebook page.

Congratulations once again to Dakini Hideaways for gaining Ecotourism certification for Bill’s Boathouse II and welcome to the Ecotourism Australia family!    

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