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We warmly welcome our most recent member, Coral Inn Boutique Hotel, to our Ecotourism Australia family, who was successful in achieving certification at Nature Tourism level. Congratulations!

Coral Inn Boutique Hotel is in the heart of Yeppoon, just a two-minute drive to Yeppoon’s Main Beach and has been operated as an accommodation business for over eight years. The business has always been committed to protecting, nurturing and maintaining the critical balance between their business, its surrounding community and the diverse ecosystem of the Australian wildlife. Coral Inn Boutique Hotel is also an award-winning, 4.5 star accommodation. 

Coral Inn 1

Coral Inn Boutique Hotel acknowledges the cultural ownership of Yeppoon area as Darumbal Aboriginal people of the Ningebal tribe, the recognised Traditional Custodians of the Byron Bay District. As a sustainable business operation, Coral Inn respects the Darumbal Aboriginal culture where their stories and cultural learnings are still passed on to younger generations.

As a business operating on the Capricorn Coast, Coral Inn ensures it safeguards the flora and fauna of the area, especially the Capricorn Yellow Chat - a critically endangered endemic species, flying foxes, micro-bats, white-breasted sea eagles, wedgetail eagles and Banksias and Norfolk pines. As an initiative to reduce the environmental impacts of their business, the staff of Coral Inn Boutique Hotel have taken steps to reduce their consumption of energy and water usage and have initiated several waste-management projects using different approaches.

For example, Coral Inn has switched over to 100% solar power usage during the daytime since mid of 2016 while also providing solar-powered hot water to guest rooms. The hotel also uses rainwater collecting tanks on the premises and 25000 litres worth of collected rainwater are used for toilets and garden maintenance. To reduce the carbon footprint of their operations, Coral Inn encourages their guests to use their bikes and electric scooter rental service as an alternative to driving. Moreover, the hotel also offers electric car charging ports as an additional amenity.  

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Coral Inn’s organic gardens concept, organic commitment and recycling efforts are praiseworthy – the hotel composts its organic waste to grow organic herbs, greens, vegetables and fruits in the organic garden. The hotel’s staff also purchase fresh products from the local market which is also a move forward to give back something to the community they operate in. Bottles, glass, paper/cardboard, organic waste and landfill waste are disposed of separately and information regarding recycling processes are provided to guests on arrival with their welcome pack. Coral Inn is keen on sourcing products locally where possible from purchasing goods to hiring service providers as a part of their sustainable approach.

Architecturally designed buildings complimenting the landscape encourage guests to spend more time outdoors. Low flow rain shower heads, dual flush toilets, light sensitive timer switches for lightings in public areas, low energy use compact LED bulbs, biodegradable cleaning agents and strict adhering to local council recycling programmes are some sustainable approaches of Coral Inn as a part of their environmental management plan. 

Coral Inn 3

Above all, Coral Inn provides its guests exceptional service at this environmentally friendly boutique hotel so people can gather memories to cherish for their lifetime.

Once more, we welcome Coral Inn Boutique Hotel onboard, and we wish them all the very best to continue their good practice!

For more information, please visit their website or Facebook page.

(All images courtesy of Coral Inn Boutique hotel)

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