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On board the Paradise Explorer, expect a unique exploration of the natural beauty of the Whitsundays with a huge emphasis on conservation.

The vessel itself is powered by an economical and eco-friendly 4 stroke motor and only allows for groups of six to eight people, allowing for the up-close exploration of unique places.  The captain’s experience and local knowledge in and around the Whitsundays means that whatever the weather, there will always be somewhere interesting to explore.

Whitsunday Paradise Explorer snorkelling

On trips with the Paradise Explorer, guests can experience island visits and bush walks, sightseeing trips to beaches and islands and snorkelling, all with the ease of water taxi transfers.  All tours include an extensive insight into local history of the region, marine life, the importance of conservation and the need to protect the reef, along with the picking up of any litter in the areas they visit. 

Whitsunday Paradise Explorer Paradise Explorer

Whitsunday Paradise Explorer are strongly committed to having a minimal impact on the environment and are ever mindful of the way in which they explore and appreciate their environments.  They are sensitive to the annual migration of Humpback whales as well as the large population of Sea Turtles throughout the region by doing their best to steer clear of the perimeters of the fringing reefs.  Whitsunday Paradise Explorer are also learning and acting to understand the Traditional Owners of the land on which they operate and appreciate their customs and values when operating in the region. 

Congratulations once again to Whitsunday Paradise Explorer for achieving Nature Tourism Certification and welcome to the Ecotourism Australia family!

For more information about Whitsunday Paradise Explorer, visit their website or Facebook page.

[Photo credit: Whitsunday Paradise Explorer]


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