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Congratulations to Uralba Eco Cottages for achieving Advanced Ecotourism Certification for their Kookaburra Cottage at Uralba Eco Cottages!

Photo: Uralba Eco Cottages

Uralba Eco Cottages, “home between the hills,” offers its visitors comfortable, affordable and unique boutique style eco-accommodation. Located 15km from Kyogle (The gateway to the rainforest) in Northern NSW, visitors can get away from everyday life and relax while experiencing a beautiful natural bush and sub-tropical rainforest environment. Uralba Eco Cottages also provide a great base to explore the many vibrant and interesting sights of the region, such as World Heritage Listed national parks, quaint local villages, a cool natural swimming pool nearby, and the colourful markets of the North Coast.


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Photo: Uralba Eco Cottages

The cottage brings a unique self-contained sustainable experience to visitors which features entirely off-grid solar-power, a filtered rainwater supply and an organic worm waste management system which converts sewerage and other non-compostable waste into liquid fertiliser. The design of the cottage also maximises airflow and comfort while reducing its carbon footprint. Renewable and recyclable products are used in the cottage. Visitors are informed of their environmental impact upon arrival and are encouraged to recycle the waste using the recycle bins provided.

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Photo: Facebook of Uralba Eco Cottages

The cottage also actively involves in the reforestation project in the area to regenerate the rainforest and extend the habitat for the wildlife. More than 1,000 trees have been planted to create the lush and biodiverse environment which exists today. With the effort of reforestation, visitors can observe some threatened bird species and precious local flora like orchids from the cottage.

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Photo: Uralba Eco Cottages

Congratulations once again to Uralba Eco Cottages for gaining advanced Ecotourism Certification and welcome to the Ecotourism Australia family!

[For more information of Uralba Eco Cottages, visit their website or Facebook page]

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