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Located on a secluded, private island in the Great Barrier Reef, Orpheus Island Lodge is a five-star resort with a variety of experiences available in tropical island luxury. Accessible solely by helicopter and accommodating only 28 guests, it is a perfect location for visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of the island – and the surrounding Great Barrier Reef Marine Park -  from a peaceful, remote hide-away.

Experiences available from the resort include private diving and snorkelling, fishing charters, day spa treatments, degustation dining, personal dinghy adventures and guided tours to Hinchinbrook Island.              


Stretching over 11km of coastline, the Orpheus Island Lodge and environs lie in a National Park, and are surrounded by the sparkling blue waters of the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. The pristine natural environmental in and surrounding the resort is rich in wildlife and all tourism activities must ensure that the environment is maintained for future generations. 

Environmental conservation and sustainability are at the heart of Orpheus’ operations, and its owners and staff work hard to protect the natural environment. Sustainable initiatives adopted throughout the resort include:

-          The eradication of harmful fauna and flora

-          Replanting of lost species of flora

-          Solar hot water servicing all guest accommodation

-          A waste water treatment plant that allows 100% of water to be recycled and used for irrigation/watering

-          A veggie patch providing fresh produce used by chefs

-          Monitoring of energy and water usage and commitment to saving initiatives

-          Reduction, recycling and composting of waste

-          A commitment to sourcing local, organic, free range and fair-trade produce and products where possible – including using eggs from Orpheus’ very own “happy chickens” that enjoy life on the island!

DSD 42682

Orpheus Island Lodge’s reef permit ensures they also adhere to standards set by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, which cover boating practices, responsible behaviour around wildlife, sustainable fishing practices, and responsible waste management. This ensures the unique ecosystems visited by tours and the surrounding area are protected and conserved. 

Orpheus Island Lodge seeks to engage and educate guests and staff on the importance of environmentally responsible behaviour not only on the island, but also once they leave. This is done by including environmental awareness as part of guest’s introduction to the island, and is extended with private experiences with knowledgeable staff who are happy to give further insight and information.

Guests are also able to visit the Orpheus Island Research Station, a marine research facility operated by James Cook University. Here they can take an educational tour of the facilities, meet researchers and scientists, and get an overall sense of how important it is to understand the reef’s fragile ecosystem.

We are very happy to have certified Orpheus Island Lodge for Advanced Ecotourism and Climate Action Business. If you’d like to find out more, please visit their website.

[Photos by: James Vodicka / Orpheus Island Lodge]

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