Congratulations to Island Jet for achieving Ecotourism Certification!

Posted by Shenali De Silva on 14 September 2017 | Comments

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Island Jet have achieved Ecotourism Certification for their one-hour exciting offshore jet boat ride through the iconic Whitsunday waters. We would like to welcome them to Ecotourism Australia! 

Island Jet is the creation of Steve and Toni Ward, also owners of multi award-winning Whitsunday Jetski Tours. After many years living and working in the beautiful Whitsundays and with an extended background in the tourism industry, they love sharing the best parts of the Whitsundays with locals and tourists alike.

Guests can experience a one-hour exciting offshore jet boat ride through the Whitsunday waters, zooming at high speed with amazing sightseeing thrills and spins, spread out over a 40km journey of pure adventure. This jet boat ride incorporates the beautiful waterways of Airlie Beach, South Molle Island and Daydream Island, all in one tour.

Jetboats are often criticised for impacting the environment but responsibly operated jetboats are one of the most environmentally friendly modes of motorised transport in the water. Island Jet owners continually aim to enhance its operations and be as sustainable as possible. The Island Jet vessel has no running gear under the water such as propellers or rudders that can injure marine life. They also produce very little wash or wake, do not require anti-fouling and do not drop anchor in the marine park to lessen the chances of impacting marine life.


Each tour is hosted with an informative guide providing in-depth commentary, much of which involves environmental education about the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and actions that can be taken to protect it for future generations. Island Jet firmly believes that guests should leave feeling closer to nature whilst understanding the real importance of protecting our natural wonders.

The operator takes significant steps to reduce the impact of their operations on all vulnerable species in the area, such as keeping a significant distance from Dolphins and Humpback whales. The team are also actively protective of all other local marine and bird life in the area. Noise pollution is also kept to a bare minimum by ensuring that operations take place away from residential areas. Island Jet dispose of oils and other waste products through Abell Point Marina’s approved waste drums and rubbish bins and all drink bottles are recycled.

For more information on Island Jet, check out their website and Facebook page. 

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