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Congratulations to Hervey Bay Eco Marine Tours for achieving Advanced Ecotourism and ROC certifications for their Turtle Discovery Tour and Milbi Sunset Tour!

Combining the beautiful nature of the Great Sandy Marine Park with unique culture experiences of the local Butchulla people, Hervey Bay Eco Marine Tours provides an unforgettable day for their guests onboard their boat Milbi (Butchulla for sea turtle). Milbi is the only glass bottom boat in Hervey Bay and is also one of the biggest in Australia ensuring spectacular views of the coral gardens and comfort aboard the vessel.

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As the name Milbi suggests, sea turtles frequent the area and there are up to 6 different species that can be spotted throughout the tours. The Turtle Discovery Tour gives nature lovers a chance to jump in and snorkel with marine life and discover even more of the alluring world underneath the boat. The tour stops at Weenandin (Round Island) where guest have lunch and learn about Butchulla names and meanings of local landmarks.

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If you’re left wanting to learn more about the Butchulla people, the Milbi Sunset Tour sets off on a cultural experience where guest get to hear legendary tales, learn about food gathering techniques and listen to the captivating music of the didgeridoo while enjoying a spectacular sunset.

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As an Advanced Ecotourism operator, conservation and sustainability are principal values of Hervey Bay Eco Marine Tours. Milbi is at the centre of their focus and they are proud to be able to say that all products used on board are made from recycled materials! They implement practices that limit air, water and land pollution whenever possible and their website encourages people to purchase carbon emission offsets through Green Fleet.

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While operating tours, the team monitor the marine life in the area and conduct their own research on the ecology of the Marine Park. This demonstrates their passion for protecting the environment and their commitment to ensuring they have extensive knowledge of the area which they can pass on to their guests.

We are proud to welcome Hervey Bay Eco Marine Tours to Ecotourism Australia and once again congratulate them on their achievement.

For more information please visit their Website or Facebook Page.

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[Photos: Hervey Bay Eco Marine Tours]

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