Congratulations to Hervey Bay Boat Club

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Congratulations to Hervey Bay Boat Club for achieving Ecotourism certification.

The Hervey Bay Boat Club was founded in 1970 by a small group of people with a common interest in boating, fishing and marine activities.

It offers a range of affordable cruise options to showcase the beauty & diversity of Hervey Bay, Fraser Island, and The Great Sandy Marine Park.
Not only is the area known for the rest break that the majestic humpback whales take during their annual migration, but also the sensitive Eco systems that support a diverse range of resident and migratory sea and bird life.

They offer variety kind of cruises, such as Whale Watch Cruise,Mary River Cruise and Great Sandy Straits Cruise. Whale Watch Cruise catch a break from their annual migration to rest and play in warm shallow waters.  Enjoy the action from any of our 3 viewing decks or for the ultimate experience try our fully framed boom net for one of the safest in water whale watching experiences.  Mary River Cruise takes places at Maryborough, it was one of the colonies major ports in late 1800's and is steeped in early maritime history.Disembark and enjoy the museums and heritage park area of one of Queensland's early settlements.   Great Sandy Straits Cruise  to various destinations in the Great Sandy Marine Park. With sandy beach areas to mangrove lined wetlands this area is the protected habitat to resident and migrating wildlife from Dolphin, Dugongs, Turtles and sea birds.

Their vessel is quiet, shallow draft, low wash and fuel efficient, which is well suited to the tidal areas of the Great Sandy Straits and mangrove lined Mary River. Cruise with Dolphins, Dugongs, Turtles, and abundant bird species in this protected wetland area.


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Find out more about ECO certification here.

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