Congratulations to Cooloola Eco Tours

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Congratulations to Cooloola Eco Tours for achieving Ecotourism and Respecting Our Culture (ROC) Certifications for its tours; Cafe & Culture Tour, Tastebud-Tag-along Tour and the Eat-Drink-Walk Tour.

Cooloola Eco Tours is situated on Queensland's Fraser Coast, operating within the Cooloola Recreation Area of the Great Sandy National Park, and based at Rainbow Beach. They aim to provide a natural, sustainable and cultural recreational experience for visitors with an emphasis on fun, education, appreciation of the environment and traveller responsibility. At the same time, they focuses on protecting the natural environment in which they operate and reducing their impact.

Cooloola Eco Tours work hard to keep their environmental impact to a minimum across all areas of their business operation, from using only recycled materials for their business cards and brochures, to working closely with their local community to produce carrier bags for their guests, and sourcing local and regional produce to showcase on all of their tours. Guests enjoy the ultimate Rainbow Beach experience, from the sand in their toes, right through to the food they eat.  

Cooloola Eco Tours has many bright goals for the future, striving for continuous improvement, particularly when it comes to sustainability. Their website is currently under development, however, you can find out more about Cooloola Eco Tours by visiting their Facebook page here.


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