Congratulations to Calypso Star Charters for achieving Climate Action Leader certification!

Posted by Aya Pigdon on 25 August 2017 | Comments

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Calypso Star Charters already hold Advanced Ecotourism certification for four of their multi-award winning tours and have now achieved Climate Action Leader, our highest level of the Climate Action certification!

Calypso Star Charters policy to is be as energy efficient as possible in order to reduce their CO2 emissions from fossil fuel. Calypso strive to have minimal impact on the areas they operate and animal they encounter and are committed to measuring, monitoring and reducing impacts associated with climate change.

Measures they adopt to minimise their impact include; thorough vessel maintenance to ensure peak operating efficiency and to carefully monitor passenger demand to vary the number of tours operated.

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In July 2016, Calypso engaged the services of Canopy Australia to audit their fossil fuel usage and CO2 emissions. Calypso now offset 100% of their emissions that cannot be avoided through operations. What an amazing effort and commitment to climate action!

Calypso have also identified and documented their vulnerability and adaptations to climate change risks. They provide awareness and education to guests about local climate change issues and encourage guests to offset their emission while travelling. Furthermore, they provide a voluntary offsetting option for customers at the time of booking.

We would like to congratulate Calypso Star Charter on their commitment to address climate change issues and take action! To learn more about Calypso’s climate action efforts, please visit their website and Facebook page. 

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