Congratulations to Margaret River Surf School for achieving Nature Tourism Certification!

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We would like to welcome our newest certified operator, Margaret River Surf School, for achieving Nature Ecotourism certification for their 2-hour Surf Lessons!

Located at Redgate Beach but operating across various beaches in the Ngari Capes Marine Park, approximately 250 kilometres south of Perth, Margaret River Surf School has been sharing their passion for surfing, community and the wonders of the ocean for over 20 years.

The Margaret River Surf School (MRSS) caters for all ages and skill levels, offering group surf lessons tailored for beginners of all ages, private group surf lessons and individual lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers.

Owner and head coach Jarrad Davies is a Margaret River local who grew up on the front of his Dad’s surfboard, and has lived his life in between the waves. Having been sponsored by Rusty, Oakley and Volte, and having won state competitions for both Surf Life Saving and Surfing WA, Jarrad has an abundance of experience under his belt. Jarrad holds  Level 2 surf coach accreditation and is professionally trained and well-equipped to coach surfers of all levels. All MRSS coaches are qualified through Surfing Australia’s coaching courses, with accreditation recognised by the National Sporting Organisation for coaching.


MRSS are committed to monitor and minimise any environmental impacts that may result from their operations. They strive to educate both locals and tourists travelling to the region about ocean safety and how they can minimise their environmental impact, by facilitating an appreciation and understanding of the natural areas that the surf school operates in.

MRSS holds a genuine commitment towards the environment and the community. Surfers are encouraged to be mindful about disturbing marine wildlife, damaging surrounding flora and fauna and ensuring no waste is left behind on beaches. The surf school demonstrates its own dedication towards environmental sustainability by managing and monitoring their internal operations in a responsible manner.

If you’re interested in gaining some surfing experience or fine-tuning your advanced skills, have a look on their website or Facebook page and book a lesson with one of their experienced, responsible and passionate surf coaches!



Photo credit: Margaret River Surf School website

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