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Congratulations to Branch Out for achieving Ecotourism Certification across their services: Branch Out Adventure Holidays, The Explorer Program and their Leadership Program.

Branch Out is a unique lifestyle and adventure company that thrives to deliver exciting, adventure-filled holidays and a greater appreciation for the natural environment. The Branch Out mantra is ‘all you need is your sense of adventure, we’ll take care of the rest’ is fulfilled by working with some of the best adventure travel operators in Australia to deliver unique, action packed adventures.  The Branch out website also is packed with information of a wide range of destinations to travel to as well as suggested itineraries.

Some examples of how Branch Out promotes sustainable tourism include working with local partners and operators who have Eco Accreditation, presenting accommodation options to customers that are low impact on the environment and educating customers through education, information packs and marketing material. Their website also includes blogs and journals about current environmental issues and sustainable tourism.


Branch Out’s Explorer Club program offers school holiday adventures in Melbourne for children aged 8-16.Their unique program offers kids an opportunity to experience nature, try new activities, learn about sustainability and overall develop a passion for the natural environment.

School holidays are centred around enjoying the outdoors through a variety of experiences such as surfing, rock climbing, wilderness survival, kayaking, sailing, navigation and camping. The curriculum educates on the environment, nature and cultural awareness. Some examples of how The Explorer Club does this are: having a daily rubbish collection challenge, using traditional aboriginal names for places and groups and engaging with local experts such as park rangers. This program is a fantastic example of a tourist operator allowing kids to embrace the natural environment, whilst promoting sustainable tourism.

Branch Out also run a unique leadership program for corporates/businesses that uses nature for personal development and enhancing group performance. The program offers intensive short workshops, full day events and immersion events/retreats across Australia. The program is facilitated by business experts, adventurers and psychologists. This program adopts sustainable tourism principles by enjoying nature for personal development without damaging the environment.

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