Childers Eco-Lodge has just been certified!

Posted by Ashira Crisp on 11 January 2017 | Comments

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Ecotourism Australia is excited to welcome our newest certified operator Childers Eco-Lodge - achieving Nature Tourism certification. 

Childers Eco-Lodge is set on 28 acres of red soil and Australian bush near Childers, Queensland. Operating with an environmentally sustainable ethic, guests can experience the wonders of the Australian countryside – from kangaroos nibbling on the lawn to rainbow lorikeets feasting on the native flowers.


This lodge is family run by Rhys & Vanessa Kummerow, with the concept to provide safe, clean, comfortable accommodation with a home-style feel in the countryside.

They also have a friendly red cattle dog Digger, who will be your best friend if you throw him the stick, and he'll photo-bomb all your photos!

There are lots of local area activities to make your stay a positive uniquely Australian experience. From bushwalking and mountain biking in the forests, to snorkelling on the Southern Great Barrier Reef, there is plenty to do for a weekend getaway or a few months work and play.


Now what does Childers Eco-Lodge do to deserve this certification you ask?

To start off, they collect rainwater and treat it by UV filtration for drinking and household use. As one of the biggest users of water is flushing the toilet, Childers Eco-Lodge has installed Clivus Multrum waterless composting toilets.  The modern version uses microbes and organisms to break down waste and literally turns it into compost that can go back into the ground. Furthermore, the lodge treats their 'grey water' from showers, washing machines, and taps on site through an Advanced Enviro-septic System which filters the water through pipes and organism-containing matting, and then filters it again through sand.

 As you would expect from such a great Eco-Lodge, Childers also uses solar energy and they recycle the majority of waste generated on the property such as food scraps, glass, paper, plastic and aluminium.

Additional to the bushwalking, mountain biking and snorkelling, Childers Eco-Lodge also offers relaxing activities such as wildlife spotting, lounging on the beach, swinging in a hammock or sitting by the campfire enjoying the stars.

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Ecotourism Australia are very excited to have Childers Eco-Lodge on board! Welcome guys!!

For more information about Childers Eco-Lodge please visit their website or follow them on Facebook.

Photo credit: Childers Eco-Lodge website

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