Charter 1 achieves Advanced Ecotourism certificaton

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Congratulations to Charter 1 for recently achieving Advanced Ecotourism certification for their tour products:

  • Abrolhos Islands Liveaboards
  • Carnac Island Eco Tours
  • Rottnest Island Eco Tours
  • Sunset Sails

Charter 1 are based at Fremantle, Western Australia and run eco tours, snorkel trips and extended liveaboard eco cruises to Rottnest and Carnac Islands, as well as the Swan River, over the summer months and the Abrolhos Islands from April - June. Guests experience a range of activities while onboard, including; snorkelling, wildlife/marine-life viewing, diving, fishing, sightseeing, kayaking and stand-up paddling. They operate their tours with two vessels, a 14.5m purpose built snorkel vessel, and Capella, is a 12.5m luxury, eco-designed sailing catamaran. 

Owner/operators, Sarah and Matt have adopted a number of sustainable practices and offer high standard interpretation and educational elements within their tours. They say "It is our vision to be able to share ... experiences with you as we take you on journeys to places near and far which will leave you with memories of a lifetime."

For more information on Charter 1, click here.
For more information on Ecotourism certification, click here.


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