Brisbane Whale Watching achieve Ecotourism certification

Posted by on 3 May 2016 | Comments

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Congratulations to Brisbane Whale Watching for achieving Ecotourism certification for their whale watching cruises!

Brisbane Whale Watching are a multi-award winning tour company located just 30 minutes drive from Brisbane’s CBD and Airport and only 60 minutes from the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast on the Redcliffe Peninsula. Tours operate 7 days a week, and Moreton Bay is a prime location for spotting Humpback Whales, the most surface active whale that will leave you in awe after an encounter. Their experienced captain Kerry Lopez takes passengers to enjoy these beautiful creatures from their vessel the MV Eye-Spy in the crystal clear waters of Moreton Bay between the months of June through to November as they migrate to and from Antarctica. 

Brisbane Whale Watching aims to increase awareness of the beautiful wildlife in the Moreton Bay area. Sightings of wildlife other than whales are also common, including sea turtles, dolphins, dugongs, sharks and more. Their efforts in a number of areas have resulted in them achieving Ecotourism certification. Education is a very important aspect of their Whale Watching cruises, interpretive commentary is provided throughout every tour. Their vessel, the MV Eye-Spy, is equipped with a whale-friendly engine and low noise propellers, they source their suppliers locally, contributing to the local economy, and a portion of every ticket price is donated to ongoing whale research. 

The 2016 whale watching season starts Saturday 11 June for Brisbane Whale Watching, and you are guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face.

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