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They say those who think only sunshine brings happiness have never danced in the rain… or checked Ecotourism Australia’s Green Travel Guide! We’ve compiled our top picks the best rainy-day ECO experiences. Whether you’re going stir crazy with the kids or just looking to optimise on the quaint, peaceful weather, check these out!


 Reef HQ

 Get your ocean fix indoors.

Sick of being hauled up at home as the tropics lives up to their reputation or the winter rains drizzle down? Check out the world's largest living coral reef aquarium in Queensland. Townsville houses one of the best aquarium experiences you can find. Reef HQ aquarium provides visitors with world class living exhibits, complemented by thematic and interactive educational experiences, raising awareness and encouraging behavioural change in the community to help protect the Great Barrier Reef. Spark your child’s curiosity and maybe even learn something new as an adult about one of Australia’s most beautiful natural assets.

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 The best cultural experience…on a boat?

Tribal Warrior allows you to explore the waters of Sydney harbour while learning about Australia’s cultural history. On this enclosed boat – which departs in all weather conditions! – learn the Indigenous names of significant Sydney landmarks and enjoy authentic cultural performances aboard the Mari Nawi (Big Canoe). Relax, eat, drink and learn with the family as you are accompanied by the friendly and welcoming Indigenous crew. This is a uniquely Australian experience for all ages.

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Where imagination gets to roam free.

The outback is the place of all dinosaur lovers’ dreams…and let’s face it, what kid (or kid at heart) isn’t a dinosaur fan? Australian Age of Dinosaurs is a multi-award-winning science-based museum and major tourist attraction. The site of a 150-herd dinosaur stampede some 95 million years ago, this is the place to go to see real life dinosaur footprints scattered over the rockface, telling the story of a terrifying encounter immortalised forever. The museum hosts daily guided tours through its facilities where you’ll view real life dinosaur artefacts as well as life sized statues. In addition, there are a multitude of activities for the entire family. Being in the outback, you can stay onsite and make a holiday of it! This museum allows for all things dinosaur and all things fun.

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Treehouse reset. 

Aquila Eco Lodges offers a unique accommodation, set amongst the Grampians National Park. Offering two treehouses and two loft houses, Aquila showcases a model of sustainable living without compromising on personal comfort. Beautifully set amongst the native bush to provide privacy for the guests and give them a sense of being 'with nature', the lodge is most well-known for its art and dining experiences, making it the perfect wet weekend getaway.  

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Bathe on the balcony.

Who wouldn’t want to listen to rainfall on the billabong as you take a warm bath on your secluded balcony with a glass of wine? Billabong Retreat allows for this and so much more. Nestled amongst bushland, just a 50-minute drive from Sydney, you will experience fine dining, tailored yoga classes and a day spa everyone can enjoy. This is the perfect option if you’re looking to spend your rainy weekend indulging and recharging.

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Peace on the river.

Dakini Hideaways’ Bills Boathouse II is a little slice of heaven floating upon the Murray River. Escape the everyday, lose track of time, and listen to the rain fall in your own secluded house boat. This self-contained accommodation supplies you with everything you need for the weekend without you having to go anywhere. BBQ the fish you just caught, right there on the deck, and indulge in the seclusion and quiet, surrounded only by the sounds of nature.

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For many more fun activities and accommodation in your area,  make sure you visit our Green Travel Guide!

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