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Congratulations to Barefoot Downunder for gaining Ecotourism certification for their Blue Mountains Tour and Figure 8 Pools and Coastal Adventure Tour. 

Barefoot Downunder take groups to explore the World Heritage Listed Blue Mountains National Park and the Royal National Park. Owned by young husband and wife, Adam and Debbie, they run adventure and hiking tours that depart from Sydney. The tours focus on providing personalised, fun adventures off the beaten track, led by local Aussies who love sharing their knowledge of the region with others.

The tours give travellers the opportunity to embrace the great outdoors by hiking and exploring rainforest, waterfalls and scenic lookouts, whilst learning about the natural environment and local wildlife. The owners and staff of Barefoot Down Under have extensive experience in adventure travel and are extremely knowledgeable about Australia’s nature. 

During the Blue Mountains Adventure tour, Barefoot Downunder support the local community by taking guests to eat lunch from a small local town. On the Figure 8 Pools and Coastal Adventure Tour, paper/recyclable packing and utensils are used for all food provided. Barefoot Downunder also conduct a rubbish pick up on each tour and fundraise each year to give money to the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife.


Barefoot Downunder tours respect local wildlife and noise of the tour group is always kept to a reasonable level so that animals are not disturbed. Furthermore, when groups encounter wildlife, they are not handled or fed.

Barefoot Downunder are also a registered user of the BioNet programme, the NSW repository for biodiversity data products managed by the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH). BioNet aims to improve biodiversity outcomes by enabling the community and government to proactively manage and enhance biodiversity through comprehensive, credible and robust information.

For more information about Barefoot Downunder, visit their website or  page.

Congratulations once again and welcome, Barefoot Downunder, to the Ecotourism Australia family!

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