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With regional holidays starting to be allowed in some Australian states by the beginning of June, we are eager to leave the house and enjoy the beautiful autumn days on the beach, surrounded by mountain ranges or in the middle of lush rainforest. Although the earth was able to rejuvenate over the past weeks, with all our travel excitement coming up, we should not ignore the fact that travelling responsibly is still so important for our environment.

So, how do we do that?

Being an eco traveller already starts with packing our suitcases. A simple tip is to pack lightly. Not only does this literally ease our load by letting us carry lighter luggage, but for the environment, every kilogram counts, too. That’s because the more a vehicle weighs, the more carbon emissions it produces.

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Another tip is to take reusable items with you on your trip, whether it’s your refillable water bottle, reusable bag or food container. Those can be used for packing purposes as well as for your next grocery trip at your destination. By taking these, you’re reducing the amount of garbage contamination in your destination, by having the option to refuse plastic alternatives and sticking to the good habits you’ve likely already formed at home.

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While we can’t travel overseas yet, there are lots of places closer to home to explore and travelling to these will enable you to have a smaller carbon footprint than if you were flying long-distance. Check out Ecotourism Australia’s (EA) Green Travel Guide and see what is offered around your region and rest assured that all the experiences listed there are certified as being sustainable to an internationally recognised standard. When you’re travelling, look for these logos:

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Whenever we start thinking about our travel plans, we have to remember to check current travel restrictions. We might not be able to travel in big groups, but instead we can decide to holiday together with our households or families and share the ride. This will not only allow us to spend quality time with our loved ones, but also potentially reduce our negative impacts on the environment.

Brogers End NSW Family 7 are you an eco traveller

Photo: Broger’s End Kangaroo Valley (Ecotourism & Climate Action Business certified)

Another great way to be an eco traveller is to support the locals. Locally produced goods are better for the environment, as they haven’t travelled as far as products from overseas. Eating at a local café or trying a local delicacy will also allow you to understand the places you’re visiting better and give you a chance to interact with local farmers and craftspeople who often have great stories to share.

Dirk Hartog Island WA Food 1 are you an eco traveller article

Photo: Dirk Hartog Island (Advanced Ecotourism certified; Green Travel Leader)

Whenever you stay overnight, try to stick to an eco lifestyle. Instead of taking a new towel each day, reuse the one you have. Whether it’s recycling, avoiding long showers or switching off the light whenever we leave the room, these are all things that most of us do at home, so why stop doing them whenever we stay somewhere else?

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Photo: Crystal Creek Meadows (Advanced Ecotourism & ROC certified; Green Travel Leader)

Eco friendly travel options are found worldwide and the demand for them is increasing. By staying informed and being conscious of your travel habits, you can do your part to keep our earth clean.

Happy travelling!


[Header image: Cairns Adventure Group (Ecotourism & Climate Action Business certified; Green Travel Leader; Ecotourism Australia Hall of Fame)]


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