Ecotourism Certification for Lagoons 1770 Resort & Spa

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Congratulations to Lagoons 1770 Resort & Spa for achieving Ecotourism certification as an accommodation provider in the stunning Southern Barrier Reef town of Seventeen Seventy!

Seventeen Seventy is a gateway to the Southern Great Barrier Reef, and as such, its natural surroundings are a key promotional factor to the region. Lagoons 1770's complete full service resort provides a quiet and comfortable experience of the natural environment whilst contributing to its conservation along with the well-being of the local communities.   

Environmentally responsible best practice principles are an important element in Lagoons 1770’s management. The resort excels in recognising and communicating its environmental aspects, objectives, targets and performance to all stakeholders, including guests and employees. It also demonstrates an understanding of reducing, reusing and recycling waste. This is evident in its approach to source local goods, partner with local businesses and recycle waste.

Lagoons 1770’s contribution to conservation is noteworthy as it offers special concession accommodation rates for institutions or schools that are studying the conservation of the environment. The resort also plays a valuable part for the local community, contributing to local employment, training local staff, and providing discounts and benefits for residents.

All in all Lagoons 1770 Resort & Spa is a remarkable example of how to provide an excellent service with a strong focus on the preservation of the natural environment and strong social cohesion.

For more information on this operator – visit their website.

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