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We would like to extend a warm welcome to Yuraygir Walking Experiences and congratulate them on achieving Advanced Ecotourism certification on four of their tours!

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Operating on the Northern New South Wales coast, Yuraygir Walking Experiences brings together their extensive local knowledge, passion and collective experience to provide visitors with the opportunity to walk, explore and learn about the 65 kilometres of undisturbed coastline that run the length of the Yuraygir National Park.

On their longest tour, the four-day King Tide Guided Tour, guests have the opportunity to explore the Yurangir coast, cross rivers and learn about the native wildlife and coastal conditions before ending the day with a hot shower and meal with new friends. On this tour, visitors can expect to experience the best of the coastal Yurangir region without having to worry about organising river crossings, accommodation or food as the tour includes all necessary logistic requirements and comforts including hot showers and amenities. Guests can enjoy the tour with an experienced and knowledgeable guide who understands all relevant local conditions and can give unrivalled insight into the area, its history and its natural and cultural values. Now certified with Advanced ECO tourism certification you can experience the best of the Yuraygir National Park knowing that your in capable and sustainable hands.

 4 day king tide guided

If visitors don’t have time for a complete four-day trip, then other options are available, including a guided two-day highlights tour in either the Central or Northern Yuraygir region. These walks are a great way to experience some of the best features and highlights of the area with a knowledgeable guide with breakfast, lunch and dinners included, accommodation in Minnie Water or Wooli is self-arranged.

 2 day central guided

If guests are after a more adventurous experience, the Weekend Walk and Paddle tour is a great way to immerse themselves in nature with this combination walking and paddling tour. Balancing Adventure and relaxation the Weekend Walk and Paddle is a fully guided tour taking visitors on a two day and two night trip through the Yuraygir National Park. 

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Yuraygir Walking Experiences cooperate with the New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service and with local Indigenous communities to ensure the benefits of tourism in the region are maximised and the negative impacts minimised.  The business also draws upon and utilises local expertise, produce and talent to offer a unique local ecotourism product offering high quality, personalised interpretive experiences of the natural and cultural values of Yuraygir National Park.

Ecotourism Australia would like to once again congratulate Yuraygir Walking Experiences on their development of sustainable ecotourism products and in achieving Advanced Ecotourism Certification for their above mentioned tours.

For more information about Yuraygir Walking Experiences, visit our Green Travel Guide.


[All photos retrieved from Yuraygir Walking Experiences’ website or Facebook page]



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