Advanced Ecotourim certification for Sunrover Tours

Posted by Flore Vesseur on 31 May 2016 | Comments

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Congratulations to Sunrover Tours  for achieving Advanced Ecotourism Certification for their eco tours across South East Queensland!

Sunrover Tours offers nature based 4WD eco tours to a number of World Heritage and National Park regions in South East QLD, including; Fraser Island, Moreton Island, Stradbroke and Bribie Island, Springbrook National Park, Carnarvon Gorge, and the Southern Great Barrier Reef including Lady Musgrave & Lady Elliott Islands. The business is family owned and operated, and have been running for over 20 years. Their friendly guides offer local hospitality and in depth understanding of the regions flora and fauna, rich history and cultural heritage insights. Sunrover Tours are suitable for all budgets, offering the best luxury accommodation options available, and a huge range of camping and accommodation options in the National Parks they visit. 

Environmentally responsible best practice principles are at the core of Sunrover's eco tours, clearly demonstrated through their Advanced Ecotourism certification achievement. They offer a low guest to guide ratio to ensure more personal control as well as ensuring an optimum experience for all guests. They implement a strict recycling policy on tours, where guests are also encouraged to comply. They have installed solar panels at several of their camping locations and have their volunteers assist with weed eradication in the National Parks they visit.

The Sunrover Green Vehicle Maintenance policy ensures their fleet of several 4WD mini buses and large 4WD vehicles, are operated and maintained efficiently, and driven by drivers with knowledge of tides and conditions to save fuel and wear and tear on vehicles. Involvement with the local community is also of great importance where Sunrover cooperate with other local businesses, and source locally grown, organic produce for guest enjoyment. Their guides are also trained not to feed any of the wildlife, and educate their guests in minimal impact principles so not to disrupt the ecology and natural food chain in the areas they visit. 

To find out more about Sunrover Tours, visit their website.

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