A Warm Welcome to Table Direct as they join Ecotourism Australia as a Business Member

Posted by Ashira Crisp on 16 November 2016 | Comments

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Please join Ecotourism in welcoming new Business Member Table Direct!

Table Direct is a company that lives for fine dining. They provide Restaurants and Hotels around Australia with innovative and high quality table ware products such as Porcelain, Cutlery, Linen and Cookware but they have a very special product on offer that has caught our eye here at Ecotourism Australia and we would like to share that with you!

Eco with chafer


The Eco Burner is a safe and very economical alternative to chafing dish fuel for buffets and food warming purposes as you generally only need one burner even for large chafing dishes, compared to a minimum of two to four with the regular gel burners. More importantly, the Eco Burner it is refillable, hence making it a more environmentally friendly option. 

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Not only are the standard chafing fuel gels and wicks unsafe, they are usually very wasteful as they are thrown out after service, wasting between one third and sometimes well over half of the fuel, whereas the Eco Burner will use 100% and is refillable. As an added bonus, the fuel cans used to refill the Eco Burner are fully recyclable and Table Service is promising a reduction of carbon emissions by 85%.

Download independent carbon emissions report


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The Eco Burner provides plenty of safety features such as wind resistance, adjustable temperature settings, over temperature shut-off, self extinguishing if over turned and cool to touch but more importantly the Eco Burner promises a longer burning time and a reduction in fuel waste to zero while providing more heat at a lower cost. So all in all a cleaner, greener and safer product.

We're excited to have Table Direct join us as a Business Member and we support them in their efforts to supply the Restaurant and Hotel community with Eco-friendly products helping you save money and the environment!


Find out more about their products and services here.

Find out more about the Eco Burner here


Photo credit: Table Direct webpage

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