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Around the world, night vision goggles are used by the military and law enforcement agencies. In Byron Bay’s hinterland, they’re used by tourists.

It’s an experience not possible anywhere else in Australia, and for lucky guests travelling with our newest certified operator, Vision Walks, this patented, once-in-a-lifetime night walking tour of the bush provides a unique insight into Australia’s nocturnal animals in their natural habitat.

Vision Walks night vision goggles 2

Of Vision Walks’ four tours which have just achieved Advanced Ecotourism Certification, the night vision walk is the most unusual, but not the only one which gives guests a unique, fun and educational experience.

Indeed, Vision Walks pride themselves on delivering eco tours which help guests to connect with the local environment and learn about local life in and around beautiful Byron Bay, and deliver fantastic visitor experiences through a number of interesting itineraries.

Vision Walks kangaroo 2

All nature tours are led by qualified environmental scientists, so guests can rest assured that they’re going to get a unique insight into the world around them from someone who has studied the natural environment closely.  

Have you ever wondered why most of Australia’s mammals are marsupials? Or wanted to know what Byron Bay’s hippies have to do with saving the rainforest? On Vision Walks’ tours, you’ll discover all of this and more.

Vision Walks binoculars

Vision Walks is the brainchild of Wendy Bithell, a qualified Park Ranger and ex-employee of BBC in London. Wendy blends humour and passion for the natural world into her tours, and encourages her guests join her on explorations of discovery in this beautiful part of northern New South Wales.

Wendy’s sidekick is Gary Opit, former ABC North Coast weekly wildlife segment host, and an authority in all things nature identification. Gary spent a few years working in Papua New Guinea as well as running wilderness expeditions in Honolulu before settling in the Northern Rivers region, which he says is a fascinating biodiversity hotspot because of its varied topographies and landscapes.

Vision Walks koala 3

The team at Vision Walks value their role as an educator of visitors to their part of the world and are dedicated to developing people’s appreciation and understanding for nature. Their tours strike a good balance between activity and rest, with night vision walks ending with a hot chocolate gazing up at the starry heaven above and their wildlife safari including a locally sourced picnic in the rainforest.

The company works hard to reduce its carbon emissions by planting trees that also provide habitats for koalas and encourages their guests to take part in their tree planting days as well. The guides are also trained wildlife rescuers and work closely with WIRES Wildlife Rescue and the New South Wales parks and wildlife service to monitor and rescue animals.

Vision Walks tree planting

We are excited to welcome Vision Walks to the Ecotourism Australia community and congratulate them on achieving Advanced Ecotourism Certification for their Night Vision Walk, Wildlife Safari, Minyon Falls Walk and Nightcap Historic Track Walk tours!

For more information about Vision Walks, visit their website or Facebook page.

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