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It’s hard to remember what you were doing 15 years ago. You may have been travelling the world, starting on a new career path, or perhaps planning for retirement. What we do know, however, is that 15 years ago, the team at Kimberley Quest were achieving certification, and they have been a valued member of the Ecotourism Australia family ever since!

Kimberley Quest 8

Stemming from their recognition that travelers are seeking experiences beyond expectation, the Kimberley Quest team have worked to deliver exceptional experiences, time and time again. A Kimberley Quest expedition not only showcases the pristine wilderness of the Kimberley region, but gives you one of the most authentic Australian experiences you’ll ever find. The team has recently received an array of awards at the WA Tourism Awards for this exact reason, including Gold in the category of Tour and Transport Operator, silver for the Unique Accommodation category and bronze for Adventure Tourism. On top of that, along with mentioning the tours’ exceptional settings, Kimberley Quest’s reviews will consistently note the dedication of the crew and their absolute love for country that makes the experience second to none:

“All staff are world class. The group size and staff ratio to guests was spot on.  The delicate balance between safety and adventure was achieved. The willingness to share in a love of country was exceptional.  On top of all that, the meals were deliciously decadent without being pretentious.” (Nina H, June 2018)

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The Kimberley Quest experience captures and highlights significant environmental awareness through local expedition guides, who share the history, culture, flora, fauna and marine environment with their guests. Living and breathing the common principle of “take only photos, leave only footprints”, the whole Kimberley Quest crew enhances guests’ experiences through providing everlasting knowledge and tools that encourage respect for and protection of the natural environment and culture. It’s this strong team that Kimberley Quest sees as its biggest asset, and it seems that their guests could not agree more:

"A well oiled machine' would describe your company!! You have a formula that is a winner so keep doing what you are. For us this has been the most magnificent, amazing, awesome experience with a group of people who love the Kimberley and have taught us so much. Also their friendliness and sense of humour made it that much better." (Judy & Glenn S - May 2018)

Without the crew’s profound love and knowledge of country, the Kimberley Quest experience would not be able to be delivered so consistently. Team members work closely with local Aboriginal corporations, parks and wildlife rangers and Indigenous rangers to ensure cultural heritage is respected and presented to guests through storytelling.

Kimberley Quest 4

With business practices that align so well with certification criteria, it is no wonder Kimberley Quest have maintained Advanced Ecotourism certification for 15 years. We would like to congratulate them on their continuous work in providing exceptional experiences and sharing the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Australia. We are so delighted to see people who are truly passionate about what they do and who hold such respect for their country and culture receive such success and acclaim in the industry.   

To find out more about Kimberley Quest visit their website or facebook

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