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Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association

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The Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association manages seven incredible natural and heritage attractions in the Margaret River Region - both above and below ground! Our tours descend into spectacular crystal caves, fly through a forest of giant tuart trees, or climb up historical lighthouses to view the endless rugged seascapes.

Ecotourism in Action

Some of our ecotourism initiatives include, use of LED 12 volt lights in all of our Caves; the use of Solar Power at one site, with plans to roll out to others; harvesting of rain water; on site nursery and communications with staff and customers about ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.

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  • Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse Fully-Guided Tower Tour

    Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse fully-guided tours take visitors to the top of the tallest lighthouse on mainland Australia; where a vast seascape unfolds, and the Southern and Indian Oceans meet. Situated at the most south-westerly point of Australia, this is still a vital working lighthouse for vessels navigating the treacherous cape.

  • Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse Fully-Guided Tower Tour

    Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse fully-guided tours provide fascinating insights into the functions of the working lighthouse and the region’s maritime history. Easier than most lighthouses to climb, this tower is accessible even for small children. From the tower balcony the panoramic views of the Indian Ocean and Geographe Bay are breathtaking.

  • Forest Adventures South West

    Forest Adventures South West offers adrenaline-filled fun on high ropes courses and flying foxes, set high among the majestic trees of the legendary Ludlow Tuart Forest in the beautiful South West of Western Australia just 10 minutes drive from Busselton.

  • Jewel Cave Fully-Guided Tour

    Jewel Cave fully-guided tours showcase the beauty of WA’s largest show cave. Visitors are immediately awed by the breathtaking magnitude of the first chamber; which is home to one of the longest ‘straw’ stalactites in any Australian tourist cave. Visitors tour through three massive chambers of this profusely decorated cave.

  • Lake Cave Fully-Guided Tour

    Lake Cave fully-guided tours take visitors into a stunning pristine chamber deep beneath the earth. After descending through a giant sink-hole, past towering karri trees to the floor of a sunken forest, visitors enter the cave; where a tranquil lake reflects incredible crystal decorations that grow from the roof above.

  • Mammoth Cave Self-Guided Audio Tour

    Mammoth Cave self-guided tours allow visitors to explore by themselves, while listening to an informative 'audio tour'; available in English, French, German, Malay, Mandarin. This is the easiest of the caves to tour, with the first chamber accessible by wheelchair. Mammoth Cave was an important paleontological dig-site early last century.

  • Ngilgi Cave Semi-Guided Tour

    Ngilgi Cave semi-guided tours begin with a guide accompanying visitors into the exquisitely decorated cave; named after the Aboriginal spirit 'Ngilgi'. Visitors then explore on their own; with another guide stationed at the centre of the cave to provide more information. Ngilgi Cave was the first tourist attraction in WA.