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Multi-award winning HeliSpirit operates a fleet of helicopters at key locations across the Kimberley including Kununurra, Purnululu National Park (Bungle Bungle) and Mitchell Falls, as well as Katherine Gorge and Karratha.  Take to the air to discover the awe-inspiring landscapes with a scenic flight or an extended Luxury Helicopter Safari.

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COVID-19 update: Open for business! Operating scenic helicopter adventures from Kununurra and Karratha.

  • Bungle Bungle flights

    The sandstone massif of the Bungle Bungle Range is almost 99 times the area of Uluru – there are more stunning features and spectacular landforms to see in this half hour scenic flight than you would imagine possible. The flight includes the hidden red rock gorges of the northwest tip, Piccaninny Gorge from end to end and the unique beehive formations that have contributed to the listing of the Bungle Bungle Range as Australia’s newest World Heritage area.

    Duration: 30 minutes
    Price: $399

  • Helifishing

    Nothing beats a helifishing trip out of Kununurra. There is no easier or productive way to Barramundi fish than in a helicopter with a pilot who knows the hot spots of the Kimberley. Experience some incredibly diverse locations on this one-day helifishing adventure, ranging from saline coastal flats, floodplain and barrage systems, billabongs and spectacular gorges and best of all, catch lots of Barramundi. Departure is early morning and the locations are decided upon according to your preference. The spectacular landscape is a big part of this day and you will bag hundreds of superb images as well as fish. The total flight time is around 2 hours and we can go to up to 3 locations. If you have had enough before the 8 hours is up, then we can head back. In all our adventures we encourage catch and release but some locations provide an opportunity to take some fish home.

  • Lake Argyle Flights

    Let us take you on an unforgettable helicopter adventure. It begins with an exciting lift off over the cliff adjacent the infinity pool at Lake Argyle Resort. Lake Argyle and the surrounding country is vast and diverse. Helicopters allow us to soar over the surrounding sunburnt ranges, descend into the nearby cutting gorges and glide across seemingly endless wetlands.

    Duration: 24 minutes
    Price: $250

  • Luxury Kimberley Helicopter Safaris

    A 6 day private helicopter safari across the Kimberley. Explore the Kimberley intimately, from Purnululu to the Mitchell Falls and the Kimberley Coast. Sleep in remote luxury lodges, fish in wild rivers, marvel in awe at galleries of ancient rock art. Land at the top of majestic waterfalls and swim in secret springs.

  • Mitchell Falls Helicopter Flights

    This is an exciting way to view the spectacular falls and surrounding area from above as well as not have to walk one way! Take a helicopter flight from the camp ground to the Mitchell Falls, land and walk back to the camp OR walk into the Falls and take a “ Falls transfer” flight back to the camp. Both flights include a short scenic over the Mitchell Falls & Mertens Gorge.

    Duration: 6 minutes
    Price: $150